The Party Girl Gang

We are the Party Girls!

The brains behind the operation are Jance & Christian Benci - they created this amazing enterprise over 15 years ago after recognizing a need in the market for reliable and professional entertainment services.

With a teams Party Girl members across Australia you can be assured that everyone meets the strictest of standards to have the honor of representing Party Girl!

Some of us are, eh hmm, more experienced (older) and work mainly in Head Office (this means you - Jance, Christian, Ralle, Jodstar & Carolyn who wont let u stake a photo of her!!)

Most of our Party Girl Crew are student teachers or or student nurses..but we all have the same things we have in common:


  • We are professional

  • We are dependable

  • We are 400% reliable

  • We LOVE what we do

  • We are all fabulous at what we do !


The Party Girl HQ Team

The Admin Support Crew

   Nattie~ NSW        Amanda ~ VIC          Steve ~ VIC            Carolyn ~ VIC    

The Party Girls!