Fundraising? We can help.

Here at Party Girl World we like to give back to the community who has supported us throughout the years.

Our favorite events that we love to to donate to and sponsor are those directly supporting smaller local children's charities. We love getting personally involved and help out local families to make things in a difficult time... just a little bit easier.

We always do what we can and do this on a weekly basis for a majority of the year.

We donate our time on a first in / first served basis so as not to favor any one event. In our experience, it's the fairest way to do it.

As you might imagine the FREEBIES get booked out quick sticks! BUT we have lots of other options and ideas to help put the fun in FUNdraising!

If you have a fundraiser coming up and would like to see what we can do, just contact the girls in the office.