Be Your Own Party Girl Boss!

If you are a woman (or man) on a mission, a want to be the boss, love creating and bringing smiles to little faces while earning an income… keep reading.

Party Girl began way back when our second child was born. He is now a soon to be 15 year old self confessed ‘Edgy Teenager’.

I was 24 - two kids under my belt with a husband who worked long erratic hours, often away.
Simple fact was, we needed at least part of a second income for our household and as much as I loved (and still do) being a Mum, I needed something more. BUT… it needed to be super flexible, something that I could dictate my own hours and days so I could work around my boys (including my husband)
Cue the creation of Party Girl World.

Over the past 15 years, with blood, sweat and tears mixed in with a lot of laughter, cool accomplishments and some rad team mates - We have built a pretty awesome little empire.
We now operate major Party Girl Satellites in 8 locations across Australia.

Now - I’m not the only person in the world that has needed to create, have flexibility in a workplace and a need to contribute to the family household, so we have decided that this opportunity needs to be presented to women (and men, we are not at all opposed to some Party Boys!) everywhere so that they too can tick all of these boxes.

From the Mini Party Girl set ups to the Major Servicing… the choice is yours. Nope - its not a Franchise… Our Licensing options are set up to provide you with all the know how and all you need to operate and run your own slice of Party Girl in your own area. AND… ongoing support from our team at Head Office.

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- Jance Benci -
Party Girl World Creator, Director, Dreamweaver & Working Mum

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