Ready-To-Go OSHC Craft Kits

If you are a OSHC provider, Shopping Centre, Day Care provider or a parent looking to keep little fingers busy  then you want to head on over to  WWW.OSHCCRAFTKITS.COM.AU

About OSHC Craft Kits, Australia's Best Craft Kit Suppliers!

Our Mission

Our aim at OSHC Craft Kits is to provide fun, engaging and educational activities for children with excellent value for money at the utmost quality. Our Ready-to-go Craft Kits line or products are as the name suggests, kits that come individually pre-packaged, ready to assemble with instructions. Complete kits for the kids!

We have done all the work for you at very competitive prices. To keep things exciting our lines will change regularly and we are happy to keep you updated with new lines.

If there is something you have in mind that you can't find in our store (i.e. - wooden crafts, sand crafts, Christmas, foam kits, etc.), please make sure you let us know. We have 1000’s of items on hand at any time so – you never know what we might have.

Individual kits start from $1.10+gst, so they are very affordable and can fit any budget.

About Our Business

Established in 2002, The Party Girl specialises is family entertainment and workshops. We quickly recognised a need for high-quality, affordable craft kits aimed at OSHC providers in Australia, and set out to do just that.

Over the next 10+ years we compiled & created a line of products particularly suited to the Australian market and have hundred's of clients all across Australia. It got to the point where we needed additional warehouse space and more employees so, in 2012 the stand alone business OSHC Craft Kits was born. With two warehouse locations in Victoria and a team of people ready to assist with your OSHC Craft Kit needs, things are only getting bigger and better!

We offer a range of hosted holiday programs and activity workshops throughout Victoria, Queensland, NSW, ACT & Tasmania!

If you have any questions at all about any of the items please feel free to contact us!