Cheer Party!

Recommended for ages 8 and up

Give Us a 'P', give us an 'A', give us a 'RTY' PARTY!!

If you have done the fairy thing, partied with princesses and are stuck for ideas for a TWEEN theme (or older! think Hens Party!)... This is your party.
Best bit is... everyone can join in! (please let us glitter beard Dad!)

Lets Get Glitzed!
Using Crystals, tonnes of Glitter, Micro shimmers an abundance of jewels and gems, some body tinsel, a little face paint and a lot of imagination... let us set you on Sparkle! Party guests receive Get Glitz'd Eye Candy and Festival Fun Hair Styling. 

10 Sparkly Ladies ~ Get Glitzed ~ 1.5 Hour Package
2 x Glitzy Party Girl Hosts $430.00

15 Sparkly Ladies ~ Get Glitzed~ 2 Hour Package
2 x Glitzy Party Girl Hosts $560.00

My house started with 10 bored girls and within 10 minutes of the Party Girls arrival it was A PARTY!
The girls all agree - “best party ever!”
thank you Party Girl team
— Bella - relieved Mum