Holiday Fun Has Begun - Find out whats on (&FREE) near you!

Holiday Fun Has Begun! 

Holiday Fun Has Begun! At least in Victoria it has!

If you would like to know the where, why's and whats for some FREE holiday family fun... just call our lovely office girls 03 5282 8549 or drop us an email

There are FREE activities happening all over the place where you will find our Party Girl crew in action. From Shopping Centers to the Sorrento Ferry , Hotels (where you will get to eat in peace while we occupy the kids).

What's Happening?

Footy fun, Finger bun decorating, Panda Cupcakes, Piggy pastries, Butterfly workshops, Oriental Fan making, Mandela Sand Art Creations, Crocodile food making (and eating) Pirate parties, Telescope making, Bandanna decorating, Hotel visits, Badge making, Holiday Dance Parties, face painting, balloon sculpting and more!