Tips to Party with The Party Girl!

Tips to Party with The Party Girl!

So... You are planning your little one's special day. Sounds simple enough...? Right? How hard can planning a kids party be? 

Well actually is not hard at all, and if planned right, with the Party Girls help ~ you may even get to enjoy it to!

When? Where? Time? Who? What are they going to do?
Ahem... insert Party Girl here!

The when, where, times and who are all up to you ~ but what are you going to do with all these kids? This is where you bring in the EXPERTS!

We come to where-ever you are having your shindig, and what will we do? Entertain the kids of course!  So much more than just fabulous face painters, our party packages are designed to engage and have the kids interacting throughout.

But here are some tips when planning your party to help it run as smoothly as possible and who knows, you may even relax enough to enjoy your special little ones day too!

Party Tips

  1. Book your Party Girl well in advance, even months before, often we will book out.
  2. Don't rely on people to RSVP for your number count. Most don't. We find the best plan of attack is to plan and cater for number of kids that were invited and add 2 more ! (you'd be surprised how many unexpected guests can join ie: little bro's & sis's that have tagged along!)
  3. Some of your invited guests wont come, but some that you didn't and couldn't plan for will, we find that using our formula is the best bet.
  4. Have your Party Girl arrive about 30 mins after your party has started.  This way you have allowed for any late arrivals, present opening and excitement of whats to come! You can even serve food at this time if you wish however we find that having food out throughout the party for kids to graze is the most popular for a relaxed party.
  5. Allow your Party Girl/s to do their thing! Trust us, they know what they are doing! All of our girls have been Party Girl trained & most of our girls are student teachers and know a thing or two about groups of large children!
  6. Enjoy yourself & relax! We have got this!
  7. Plan to have your Party Girl/s leave approx 30 mins before your party officially ends. during this time, have your cake (eat some too) and farewell your guests with all their goodies.
  8. Everyone take a nap! Parties can be exhausting, but with the Party Girl on board, you & kids will be exhausted from too much fun!